What Is Dome Keeper and How to Play?

What Is Dome Keeper and How to Play?

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Dome Keeper is an enjoyable roguelike game from the publisher Raw Fury. It offers a unique mix of mining for resources and defending your dome from an alien onslaught. The game has a pixelated art style and alluring mystery, making it a great experience for those seeking some new and fun content.

Gameplay in Dome Keeper consists of two parts; mining and defending your dome. Mining is laid-back and zen-like, using the D-pad you can bump into walls to create new paths, then use only one button to pick up objects. You are on a mission to find resources, like gold cubes and water balls, as well as large relics which unlock helpful perks or can be swapped for resources. The resources come in handy for upgrades that can make and break a run, like a pulse that reveals resources and an animal buddy to do the digging.

Defending your dome from the alien horde is a bit more intense. When the alarm goes off you must rush back to the control panel and take control of your main weapon, which starts as a laser cannon. You then have to move it to destroy the alien menace before they break through. Controls are kept simple and upgrades can be made with the resources you collect. The number of enemies increases with each wave, making the experience quite tense but satisfying.

Graphics in Dome Keeper are detailed and smooth, with a limited colour palette used to create an unknown alien world that changes each time you play. Enemies are dark and mysterious, while the cave systems offer a sense of mystery to explore. The game offers three difficulty modes, so players of all skill levels can find something to enjoy.

Overall, Dome Keeper is a fun and unique experience. It’s a great mix of mining and defending that offers an enjoyable challenge. The pixel art style and mysterious atmosphere make it an adventure worth exploring. If you’re looking for a fresh roguelike, then Dome Keeper is highly recommended.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Play Dome Keeper

  1. Choose your difficulty by selecting one of three available difficulty modes.
  2. After a brief cutscene, you enter the game as a solo miner, tasked with finding a hidden relic before the planet's life forms can destroy your dome.
  3. Use the D-pad to bump into the walls and create new paths while looking for resources like gold cubes, circular water balls and pink triangle objects.
  4. If you're close to a resource, the dirt will change a mild colour representing it.
  5. Find and carry the resources back to your base, but be careful not to carry too much as you can become slowed down significantly.
  6. Large relics can also be found and returned to the base to unlock helpful new perks.
  7. When the alarm sounds, rush back to the control panel to take control of your main weapon and move it to destroy the oncoming alien horde before they break through.
  8. Use the resources you collect to make various upgrades such as HUD additions, miners’ abilities and dome weapon strength.
  9. The number of enemies increases with each passing wave, so be sure to upgrade your defences where needed.
  10. If you successfully complete a run, you will be rewarded with two new unlocks such as a new base type or a new game mode.