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Dome Keeper is a fun and unique roguelike game developed and published by Raw Fury. It is a single player game where you take control of a lone miner who crashes onto an alien planet and must dig for relic in order to escape. Software has a pixel art style with detailed animations and graphics that help to create an immersive atmosphere. It has something to offer for everyone, whether it be its engaging gameplay, or its replayability.


Graphics of Dome Keeper free download are absolutely stunning. It features detailed pixel art with beautiful animations, creating an immersive atmosphere. The game’s color palette is limited, but each playthrough presents a different color scheme, making the game feel fresh and new. The enemies are dark and mysterious, becoming more terrifying as you progress through Dome Keeper game on Xbox. Software features a mechanic where the older parts of your cave system grow moss, giving you a sense of how much time has passed.


Gameplay for Dome Keeper play for free offers two types of gameplay: mining and defending your dome from an alien horde. When you’re in the mines, you use the D-pad to bump into the wall you want to mine, and with one button you can pick up objects or interact with something. As you search for resources like gold cubes, circular water balls, pink triangle objects, the dirt will change color to hint at what you’re close to. You then need to carry the resources back to your base, but you can only carry so much before you are slowed down significantly, requiring multiple trips. You can also find large relics which unlock helpful new perks or can be exchanged for resources. When the alarm rings, you must rush back to Dome Keeperfor Linux download control panel and take control of your main weapon to fight off the alien menace. Controls are simple and easy to understand, and you can upgrade your miners abilities, your dome’s defences, and your HUD.


Unfortunately, downloaded Dome Keeper is a single player game. There is no multiplayer option or online leaderboard to compare your scores with other players. This may be a bit disappointing for some players, but the game does offer a great single player experience.


Random generation of resources and relics adds to the challenge and keeps the game feeling fresh. Dome Keeper download for free offers great replayability, as each run will last around thirty minutes. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new options, such as different bases, modes, and characters, so you can customize your game to your liking.


  • What platforms are available?
    Is available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.
  • What kind of resources can I find while mining?
    While mining you can find gold cubes, circular water balls, and pink triangle objects.
  • What kind of upgrades can I make with resources?
    You can make various upgrades to your HUD, miners' abilities, weapon strength, movement speed and shield durability.
  • What difficulty is getting Dome Keeper game on by default?
    The game by default is set to Normal difficulty. There are also two other difficulties, Hard and Insane.
  • What are the main gameplay elements?
    Main gameplay elements are mining for resources, building defences, and defending your dome from the oncoming alien hordes.


Overall, playing Dome Keeper is a great game with a lot to offer. It has fun and engaging gameplay, beautiful pixel art graphics, and great replayability. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer option, but this does not take away from the great single player experience. Dome Keeper online is highly recommended if you’re looking for a fresh roguelike game.

Play Dome Keeper Game on PC or Online

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